Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in? Like the world around you doesn't make sense and you're the only one who sees that? Well, I always have. And I feel like the answer is that .......
I was just born 100 years too late!

06 July, 2011

Kindle or Nook .... I'd still rather a BOOK

When they make the Kindle smell and feel like a real book, I may be tempted to purchase one as it certainly would make moving easier (last time I moved, some 20 boxes were just books alone) and free up a lot of shelf space.

.... then again, maybe not. There just isn't, and never will be, anything like holding a book in your hand. The smell of the pages (especially that wonderful perfume of age), the feeling of them flipping through your fingers, the sound the pages make as they are turned .... nope, nothing can ever replace that.

02 July, 2011

Boogie woogie bugle boy ...

I have been really into the 1940's for some reason these past few months. Swing music, flouncy skirts and headwear have taken center stage and I've channeled this into my knitting, crochet and even sewing.

I have some new items that I've put up for sale (with more coming) ...

And then some that I'm not sure I can part with, like this hat:

All were made from this wonderful 1940's crochet pattern book. I'm eyeing this sweet pair of gloves to tackle next.

Swing on!