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22 March, 2011

Please help support Japan earthquake relief!

It has been a very very long time since I've blogged .... wow, I hadn't realized HOW long until now! But I am back and with a very important message.

I am trying to help raise money to donate to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Japan has a very special place in my heart. I have family and friends there and my children are half Japanese. I was horrified at the devastation and deeply saddened by the tremendous loss of lives.

I cannot write a check for $1m, or join the rescue efforts over there, but I want to do what I can. Even if it is just a little bit, I think it is every little bit that makes a huge difference.

So, I started selling these bracelets in my Etsy shop for $10 and will donate the entire $10 to the Red Cross.

I have sold 12 ($120) . . . but my goal is to sell 50.

The bracelets are crocheted from a vintage lace pattern in 100% cotton thread and is secured with a sparkly Swarovski crystal button.

A tiny red glass heart is attached with a jump-ring as a reminder to keep praying for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Red symbolizes courage, the heart is for love and your donation brings hope.

These bracelets can be made in a variety of colors to suit your taste and in a size to fit you perfectly.

Please help me reach this goal - purchase a bracelet, spread the word and together we can make a difference!

Thank you and keep praying for Japan!

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