Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in? Like the world around you doesn't make sense and you're the only one who sees that? Well, I always have. And I feel like the answer is that .......
I was just born 100 years too late!

28 April, 2011

Operation : Senbazuru of Hope

I've been so busy this past week getting ready for the big day! Operation Senbazuru of Hope - 1,000 Cranes for Japan is underway and we have already made hundreds of cranes.

The community support and efforts for this non-fundraising relief effort for
Japan has been wonderful. The grand finale will be on Tuesday, May 3rd when people and kids from all over Big Bear are coming together to make cranes, write messages of hope and string the senbazuru. Then, the package of love and prayer will be shipped directly to people who survived the earthquake and tsunami.

It is going to be an amazing day!

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