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18 May, 2010

This week's Fancy Work Wednesday Featured Artist is Jenn of Ichiban Joyas. What she does with polymer clay is truly wonderous and I adore her pieces. I have dabbled with clay and can understand her love of it - it can be very addictive. But I have never been able to do what she can and especially at such a small scale. Read her interview and definately stop by her shop - I know you'll be enchanted, too.

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Ichiban Joyas - interview with Jenn:

Q. Tell me a little about you.

A. My name is Jenn Ramirez and I am 29 years old. I grew up mainly in the San Diego area, but spent a few years in the Inland Empire. I spent most of my career in the social service field, and I am thinking I might go a little further, and get a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I love reading, love watching movies, love animals, love music, and have found a new love in Yoga.

Q. How long have you been making jewelry? Where/from whom did you learn it?

A. I have been making jewelry for about two years now. It's something that is still fairly new to me, and I learn something new everyday. My mom is the one that got me started on jewelry making and I learned a lot from her.

Q. How did you get started working with polymer clay?

A. I started working with polymer clay right about the time I started to learn how to make jewelry. I used to collect a lot of Japanese mini plastic food items and turn them into necklaces and such. Then one day, I figured that I could make my own charms. So I picked up a package of clay and the obsession began. :)

Q. What inspires you?

A. I am inspired by everything. My items are created based on the mood I'm in, a movie I watched, or even a particular favorite song. I have to keep a pen and paper with me at all times just to be able to write down ideas, and boy do I have lists of them!

Q. What has been your experience selling on Etsy?

A. I ABSOLUTELY adore Etsy! It has been such a great home for my shop. I love getting an email and seeing that I sold something. It's a great feeling knowing someone out there has given me a chance to share my work with them. I'm fairly new to the community, but sales have been good so far. I love being surrounded by so many talented artists and seeing what they are doing with their creativity.

Q. What kinds of things do you like to shop for on Etsy?

A. Lately, I have been on a shopping spree. My most current purchases have been beauty products, chainmaille jewelry, and a new bag. I like to check out other Etsy shops everyday to see what I can add to my collection of handmade items.

Q. Outside of your work/Etsy shop, what hobbies and interests do you have?

A. When I'm not working with polymer clay, I am usually making a 3-D origami piece. Where your standard origami swan takes one sheet of paper, your 3-d swan can take 500 or more pieces of paper. Though they are extrememly time consuming, the final product is worth it. In addtion, I do a little amateur photography on the side. I don't sell my photos though. If I take a really good photo, I usually just frame it myself and keep it in my home. It's nice to walk by a beautiful moment in time.

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You can find me on Etsy of course:) http://ichibanjoyas.etsy.com
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Are those fortune cookies not the cutest? I just love them!
Thank you, Jenn! You are so talented and sweet, and I'm happy to have met you (^:^)/ . . . . Now I've got a hankering to get my polymer clay back out to play!

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  1. This interview is very well done, and it is a pleasure to meet Ichiban Joyas, and also AmiKami both of you have lovely work and I am glad to have found you both via linklove on facebook :D