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04 May, 2010

New product in R&D!

So, I've seen a lot of cellphone/iPod cases being knitted and crocheted .... but I decided that idea needed to take a look to the past. I've been pondering this for a long time now, but finally am putting it to the hook and I wanted to share what I've been working on!

My new Lady's Reticule for your iPod Touch/iPhone/Cellphone was inspired by those handbag patterns of the 19th century. This is the first completed prototype and I played around with different embellishments I had in mind. I am also considering doing a netted version that is lined and features a drawstring closure (more in keeping with the more popular styles back then) and small pouch or pocket for earbuds.

The body of this one was hand crocheted in a dense Tunisian crochet pattern with cotton/acrylic blend yarn.

The top is edged with a delicate hand crocheted lace tipped with glass seed beads. A button closure keeps your iPod secure!

A hand crocheted flower with a beaded lace center and beaded bottom edging finish it off.

This is only a prototype and not necessarily what my final pieces will look like. So, with continued effort, and any opinions/suggestions you may have, I am hoping to work out different designs and get some of these up on Etsy by June. ❀


  1. your pieces are very pretty! i love the old fashioned touches!

    found you on etsy forums..I hope you'll come visit me too!


  2. Thank you! ...heading over to your neck of the woods now.

  3. I love this idea and you always do beautiful work. Will you make any bags, purses, or anything in that nature in the future?

  4. Thank you, Jenn! I would like to expand from the cellphone size up to full size bags. I've had my eye on some beautiful beaded knit bag patterns from the late 1800's.

  5. I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  6. Jenn, just want you to know I truly appreciate your kind support (^:^) Thanks so much!